Jade Valley Napavillion

Located 35km east of the ancient capital city, Xi’an, Jade Valley is not only the homeland of “Lantian Man”, but also depository of precious “Lantian Jade”, known as imperial jade to the West. Jade Valley Resort hosts 50 rooms ranging from private villas to courtyard houses and hostel to accommodate a variety of winery visitors to suit different needs. Designed by world renowned architect and awarded with various architectural prizes, more projects including 200 rooms boutique hotel, are under its way. The Napavillion is built in the gardens of the vineyard as a place of repose where visitors can rest, relax view the stars and take a nap overlooking the beautiful countryside. The pavillion is made from 2 x 4 wood construction and 1” diameter cotton rope. The entire structure is covered with a flourescent glow in the dark protective coating.

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